Mini Box

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Who are you calling little? A very cute, very compact case of Mini Vintage prints you can slip through a mail slot, stash in your beloved's work bag, or stack on a shelf for a rainy day. Photos come in matte or glossy finish.

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All about Mini Box

For its size, the Mini Box sure packs a lot of punch—not to mention prints. 25 to 75 Mini-Vintage prints, to be precise! With a design that changes every few months, it's perfect for collect...Read more

25 to 75 photos

25 to 75 photos

Premium Paper

Premium Paper 200gsm

6x9cm or 10x7cm

6x9cm or 10x7cm


Limited edition

Mini Box
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Isabelle G

Love your service! I'll be back to print more soon—quality prints and very speedy delivery!

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Unique design


Printed in France & Germany


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