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Each term beginning the following capitalized has the meaning given to it in its definition in this article.
Products : means every product available on the website LALALAB
User: means any user using the Application LALALAB and / or registered LALALAB Service.
Website : means the platform on which a User can purchase the products
Inscription : means the process that allows anyone to enter their personal details required in the form proposed by the application to access the Service and to read and accept these Terms and Conditions.
Service "LALALAB" or "Service" means the service Invaders Corp. to create the Client packages and receive pictures with him.
Invaders or IC Corp appoints editor creator of digital applications LALALAB Service. Each reference is made LALALAB Service instead of the legal entity of IC.


3.1 Purpose of terms

This document constitutes the GTC Service and to define their terms and conditions of use. Use of the Service is subject to compliance with these GTC. The GTC apply to all access and consultation by a User of the Service and any use of the Service by the latter. The acceptance by any User of GTC is a prerequisite and mandatory. This acceptance is the result of clicking on the box appearing next to the words "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions."

3.2 Changes of terms

Invaders Corp. reserves the right to make changes to the GTC (including its terms of supply). Any amendment shall enter into force on its date of online Application. Each User is deemed to have accepted the new version of the GTC simply because of the continued use of the Service.
Each purchase will be made by a user are governed by GTC applicable on the date of the order.


LALALAB Service is available to the user, for his own needs. It is an application that allows the user to print and send.
LALALAB allows to print and customized photography goods. To have access to such a service requires an Internet connection.
Products offer to the User are described with the most details we can give about. Nevertheless, if a User has a question, he is invited to contact LALALAB.To the extent the User has correctly filled in all the required fields to complete its Product, LALALAB prints and sends to the recipient.


The service is accessible via the Internet. Connection charges are the responsibility of the User. It is up to the User to subscribe to the Internet and have the system requirements to use the service.


Use of the Service requires that the user provide his personal information and shipping address its LALALAB Products printed. At the end of the registration process (on the page where the user is prompted to save coordinates), the User agrees to:be aware of personal information relating to validate and, if necessary, or make changes and corrections useful.acknowledge and accept these GTC.The user uses the service LALALAB under his responsibility. He acknowledges that his liability may be incurred, particularly in the case of identity theft. The User agrees to use the Service in accordance with LALALAB GTC, and regulations. The User is responsible for the use of its coordinates and the application stored on their device. The User is informed that he has decided to automatically identify this unit, any third party who may potentially utilize use the application with his account user.
The User agrees to provide accurate, complete and up to date. In cases where the information provided is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated, the User will be solely responsible for any defect in the execution of the service LALALAB.
In case of change of personal details, the User agrees to update the application (on the page where the user is invited to register their details). The User agrees to use the Service only for purposes authorized LALALAB by (i) the general terms and conditions, (ii) and any law, regulation or generally accepted practices or guidelines in the relevant jurisdictions.
Accordingly, the User agrees to be the sole responsibility with respect to all acts performed LALALAB from its data submitted during registration.If the User becomes aware of any unauthorized use of his account, he agrees to promptly inform LALALAB by email.The User hereby authorizes LALALAB GTC to register and use by computer processing, the information provided by the User.The User acknowledges when LALALAB may well apply to any person who provided contact details, postal mail or email. LALALAB not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this Article.


The user creates the Product according to the description referred to in Article 4 of these GTC.It makes the acceptance of GTC. He confirms that he has the rights to use photos.It passes control through Internet Application. To do this, the user must complete the order presented to him and proceed to payment transactions by credit card online - Carte bleue, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro) or iDeal, SEPA, GiroPay and Paypal. The LALALAB application is compatible with Apple Pay.For each order, the User agrees to check the order summary specifying the characteristics of the Product he selected and the total amount payable.These stages of validation and payment need to be connected to the Internet (connection costs with retailer Internet access are the responsibility of the User).All orders recorded in the Application is considered firm and final, no withdrawal right can be exercised (see Article 11).


8.1 Price

8.1.1 Using the Website is free of charge (excluding the cost of connection to the network operator). Orders Packs are for their pay.

8.1.2 The User may also choose to purchase one or several Products. Prices are valid only on the date of ordering. The prices charged are those shown on the Application at the time of registration of the order and are expressed in euros, all taxes included (VAT). They may be modified at any time.

8.2 Payment for Products

If the user opts for buying or one or more batches of several units called "Pack" pricing applicable to each of these packs is submitted via the Website.The User selects the product of his choice.LALALAB may at any time revise the price or availability of its product, new rates are effective immediately for all new acquisition Product by the User.Payment is made by credit card (Carte bleue, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, iDeal, SEPA, GiroPay et Paypal). The LALALAB application is compatible with Apple Pay (more information available at Apple Pay security and privacy overview).The amount of the order is debited at the time of validation of the order. The processing of the command is started (with the exception of periods of weekend and holidays). If payment is not accepted or completed, the procurement procedure is canceled and the preselected elements are deleted.Upon payment of the orders of the User by credit card, the transmission of his bank payment service Zooz that handles banking transactions is a secure (SSL).The bank details of the user must be entered for each order. They are used only for the payment transaction.

8.3 Order Summary

An e-mail confirming the payment is sent to the user as soon as possible to the email address stated on the order by the User.


9.1 Once transmitted to LALALAB then printed, the Product is distributed as any postal letter of the destination country. A following option is available on several products.

9.2 The paid services will be delivered to the recipient's address specified in the command by the user. LALALAB service offers delivery in more than seventy-five (75) countries. If you want to know if we deliver in your country, thanks to directly get in touch with us by email.

9.3 The deadline to receive a Product vary accordingly to the Product.For more information, we invited you to refer to the FAQ. Time mentioned is an average time, depending on the destination and mode of shipment. Exceeding this time can not give rise to any cancellation of the order, any reduction in the price paid by the user, and no payment of damages. However, this period is given as an indication and LALALAB can not be held responsible in case of overflow.

9.4 LALALAB reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order from a user who has not fully paid or a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is being administered.


For purposes hereof, the User provides to LALALAB Photos to be of sufficient quality to enable the design of packs.Those Photos must meet a minimum quality next to not undergo degradation in print: 1000x1000 pixels. The difference in quality between the photo submitted by the User, and the one printed on the photo, can affect the color or appearance, especially due to the quality of the original layout but also the display quality the screen of the device used.The User acknowledges that the print quality is based on the quality of photo provided to LALALAB.Similarly, the user must ensure himself the choice of layouts and framing them. LALALAB will not replace nor refund the packs that the quality would be unsatisfactory by the User.Finally, the User declares that files and data it transmits to LALALAB are by no means the only and unique files and data it holds, but it keeps double also, under its responsibility. The User acknowledges and agrees that LALALAB bears no liability for the loss of files and data transmitted by him to LALALAB.


11.1 The liability of LALALAB is undertaken in accordance with laws and regulations applicable to it, including those of the Postal and Electronic Communications.

11.2 It is reminded that the User Service is offered by the application of private correspondence. LALALAB has not, therefore, any control or monitoring accompanying the consignment Products. For this reason, The User must at least be 18 years, have the use of rights or have a parental authorization allowing him to purchase and use the Service.Users are expressly informed that the files stored, used and transmitted through the Service under their sole responsibility.Therefore, only the Service User will be responsible for both civil and criminal content transmitted through the Service.
However, LALALAB alerts the user to the need to respect the laws and regulations regarding the visual photos sent through the Service. The User agrees not to store, download or send any prohibited, illicit, illegal, contrary to morality, decency or public order and damaging or as likely to infringe the rights of third parties. LALALAB can not be held responsible for the illegal pictures under the laws and regulations. The User shall refrain from store, upload or transmit any photo that could be illegal, including constitutive or incitement to commit crimes and offenses of incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence because of race, ethnicity or nation, apology of Nazism, challenges the existence of crimes against humanity, and undermine the authority of the court, information relating to trial during or individual tax situation, dissemination outside authorized conditions surveys and simulations of voting on an election or referendum, defamation and insult, injury robs life, or acts endangering minors, as well as any file for exhibit objects and / or banned books, this list is not exhaustive.
The User agrees to comply with all laws and regulations regarding the prohibition of the dissemination of pornographic, obscene, or likely to seriously undermine human dignity.The User declares to be the legal owner of all photos used in connection with the Service and that they are free from all duties. The User may not store or transmit files that violate the proprietary rights of others, such as text, images, trade secrets, proprietary or confidential information, this list is not exhaustive.The User may not store or transmit images that reveal personal or private affairs of any person without the express prior agreement. User agrees that each person depicted has given its consent to the use and dissemination of his image.

11.3 Lack of control by LALALAB

Users are expressly informed that LALALAB has no control or monitoring files transmitted through use of the Service. However, the User agrees to be informed if LALALAB is alerted by a third party, by any means whatsoever of the illegal nature of any Content transmitted through the Service LALALAB deliver said content to judicial or regulatory authorities which treat accordingly. LALALAB also reserves the right, depending on the legal characterization of the alleged breaches involved, terminate access to the Service User to the origin of disputed content, and reserves the right to implement all the means of useful law of nature.

11.4 Using the Service

The User is informed that the product can be sent to recipients not desired if the address in the command is not correct.In this case, LALALAB can not be held responsible if the pictures are sent by mistake to a third party who was not the intended recipient by the User.The Service is available to individuals for private use only.The User therefore undertakes to only send job files amateur photos, by definition without value, and therefore not intended for business or profit. The User expressly undertakes not to make any commercial use of the Service.LALALAB cannot be held liable for indirect damage that may be suffered User or recipient when the supply or use of the Service. The parties acknowledge that are considered as indirect damages, any non-pecuniary, commercial or financial as well as any action against the User by a third party, this list is not exhaustive.

11.5 LALALAB cannot incur any liability if the damage

Acts, omissions or errors in the User or third parties and non-compliance with obligations under these GTC;a case of force majeure. Explicitly, are considered such as total or partial strikes, lock-outs, riots, civil disturbance, insurrection, war, bad weather, epidemic, lock transport or supply for any reason whatsoever, earthquake , fire, storm, flood, water damage, legal or governmental restrictions, legal or regulatory changes forms of marketing, computer breakdown, blocking of communications, including telecommunications networks wired or wireless, any questioning of the foundations mathematical theory governing the cryptographic algorithms used in public key infrastructure and other event beyond the control of the parties preventing the normal performance of GTC.

11.6 LALALAB cannot be held responsible for the reliability of data transmission, access times, possible restrictions on access to the Internet or networks connected to it. LALALAB responsibility can not be engaged in case of interruption of the networks accessing the Website, total or partial unavailability of the Website in case of web provider, transmission error or problems related to the security of transmissions, especially in case of failure of the receiving equipment.


IC may have to discontinue its service LALALAB, including for maintenance purposes.These interruptions do not qualify for compensation.


To avoid late claim, and in particular to allow LALALAB preserve all evidence, the User shall notify LALALAB its claim relating to the Service. This notification must, on pain of foreclosure, clearly indicate errors, failures or delays, and should be sent no later than fifteen (15) days after the occurrence of the event may incur liability LALALAB.LALALAB agrees to consider the complaint of users upon receipt of a request by email.
LALALAB is entitled to request all supporting documentation or evidence to enable the user to hear the claim LALALAB.If the inquiry concerns a specific command, the user must specify the order number.


Content made available to the User are protected by the Berne Convention and the Code of Intellectual Property. Reproduction in whole or in part must first be subject to prior written consent of the editors of each proposed content. Reproduction only unique for strictly private use of the User. Any other reproduction, distribution, transmission or publication without the prior consent of rights holders is prohibited.All components of the application, whether visual or audio, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents. They are the exclusive property of LALALAB.


Information and data concerning users are required to manage the order and trade relations between the User and LALALAB. This information and data are also stored for security purposes, to meet legal and regulatory requirements and to allow LALALAB improve and customize the services it sends to the user. In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and liberties, the user has a right of access, rectification and opposition to the personal data that it can be exerted by email.

More information in our Privacy Policy.


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The Parties agree that the evidence of their contractual obligations to be reported as follows: -Regarding the agreement of the Parties:It is agreed that clicking on the button "I pay and I agree cg" manifests the consent of the purchaser, and leads his acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, it is agreed that the command Packs Photos is validly concluded with LALALAB hereunder GTC when the user identified by the application when joining the service, click on the "Submit" after entering his credit card number and LALALAB accepted this payment after verification of bank details.In case of dispute about the reality or the terms of the transaction, the computer records provided by the bank payment server secure valid proof between the parties.The Parties agree that any litigation identifiers used in the Service are admissible in court and will show data and facts they contain.
The Parties agree that in case of dispute, the connection data relating to actions performed from the User IDs are admissible in court and exercise data and facts they contain.Evidence to the contrary can be adduced.


Failing settlement, in case of dispute relating to the interpretation, training or implementation of GTC and failing to have reached an amicable agreement or transaction, the Parties shall expressly and exclusively to the courts spring in Paris, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or action referred or appeal or protective measures unless delivery of the product did not happen in Paris or if the defendant does not live in Paris.In case of dispute relating to the interpretation, training, validity or enforceability of the GTC, the Parties recognize explicitly that only French law is applicable unless law of residence of the User would be more favourable. In this case, parties should report to Bruxelles 1 n°1215/2012 Regulations to determine the law to apply.