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We understand... not all memories fit in a square! Choose this sleek format to bring all types of memories to life. Based on smartphone camera ratios, this is the photo format perfect for the pictures right on your phone. Glossy print on Fujifilm Archive Supreme Paper.

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Size: 10x13cm

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We manufacture our products exclusively in Europe, and our French and German labs allow the highest quality products with the shortest delivery time

  • Details 10x13_2 Add effects and magnify your pictures
  • Details 10x13_3 Fujifilm Crystal Archive Supreme paper


The 10x13 format is the easiest way to print the images from your smartphone in its truest form (4:3 ratio). Simple and timeless, you'll be addicted to the pleasure of holding your memories in a premium Fujifilm Crystal Archive Supreme printing paper!

Get the most out of our pictures by improving them with our retouching tools and print them in just a few steps. Saving your best pictures in the Cloud or your hard-drive will be a thing of the past.

More into shooting with your DSLR camera? Then have a look at our traditional format Regular 10x15cm!

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