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Mini Vintage Print


A fun-sized version of our Vintage Prints, with all the same border customisation options for maximum kawaii. ✌️

Delivery: Fast

Size: 6x9cm

Good to know!

All our photos are printed in top-o'-the-line labs in France and Germany. We keep the printing process local to ensure great quality and the shortest possible delivery times.

  • Details miniprint_1 Choose from 11 border designs
  • Details miniprint_2 Edit, crop, & enhance your photos in-app
  • Details miniprint_3 Fujifilm Crystal Archive Supreme paper
  • Details miniprint_4 Add your own captions and titles


More about this product:

  • Printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive Supreme paper for truer colours and bright, clear whites.
  • Glossy finish. 💅
  • Ideal for lower-resolution photos.
  • Excellent as place cards for dinner parties and/or hipster weddings.

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Full Page miniprint