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Our most beloved product, but the mini version! Capture your weekend with friends or print your last week of photos onto our newest and cutest format. Glossy print on Fujifilm Archive Supreme Paper.

Delivery: Fast

Size: 5,9x8,9cm

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We manufacture our products exclusively in Europe, and our French and German labs allow the highest quality products with the shortest delivery time

  • Details miniprint_1 Choose between 8 colours
  • Details miniprint_2 Add effects and magnify your pictures
  • Details miniprint_3 Fujifilm Crystal Archive Supreme paper
  • Details miniprint_4 Add text to write your story


The Mini-Vintage format: the latest in our production line and definitely one of the cutest! Thanks to its small size (5.9x8.9cm), you'll be able to take your photos everywhere, and even slip a couple into your wallet! It's also the perfect extra for every gift.

Ideal to decorate your apartment with a picture here and there or collect your best memories in a single bedroom wall. Also available in eight colours (white, black, blue, pink, yellow, green, grey and purple). Perfect them with our retouching tools and customize them with a caption, all this in Fujifilm Crystal Archive Supreme printing paper.

Searching for a bigger format? Discover our Vintage format!

Full Page miniprint