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25 to 75 photos


Mini Box


Who are you calling little? Meet our newest box format, a very cute, very compact case of Mini Vintage prints you can slip through a mail slot, stash in your beloved's work bag, or stack on a shelf for a rainy day.

Delivery: Fast

Size: Mini vintage prints

Good to know!

All our photos are printed in top-o'-the-line labs in France and Germany. We keep the printing process local to ensure great quality and the shortest possible delivery times.


For its size, the Mini Box sure packs a lot of punch—not to mention prints. 25 to 75 Mini-Vintage prints, to be precise! With a design that changes every few months, it's perfect for collecting and makes for a charming add-on to any gift.

LALALAB. Mini Vintage Prints are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive Supreme paper and come in multiple colours and border designs. You can edit and enhance your photos directly in-app, and even write custom captions (because that wit of yours deserves to shine).

Want a box full of borderless prints? Our Classic Box can help!

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